Customer Design Contest - Entry #4

Chunky Jewelry Roll
This idea was submitted by Leah M. She wanted a jewelry roll that had a little more room for her statement pieces of jewelry. So I designed one that has both small zippered sections and larger sections that are pleated and close with velcro. Here it is!

When all rolled up, the jewelry roll closes with a magnetic snap and has a small grab handle. We'll explore this roll by roll.

The top section is zippered and divided, perfect for some smaller and more delicate items. Surely there will be a few of those.

The second section is also zippered, but not divided. It opens up pretty wide and can accommodate some of your larger pieces.

The third pocket closes with velcro and is divided. Getting chunkier :)

And the last pocket is just like the one above it, but deeper, for bigger things still.

Here it is all hanging up, ready to fill for your next trip!

When open, the roll measure 27" long (not including the flap) and 9" across.
Each pocket is 5" deep, except the bottom one which is 6 1/2" deep.

Just as a side note, all the jewelry you see is made by my friend, Amy, at Wildflower Jewelry Designs. You can visit her page on Facebook, here:



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