Customer Design Contest - Entry #3

Reversible Pleated Clutch
This idea came from Super Blogger Girl :). She wanted to see a reversible clutch that had an understated simple fabric on the outside and a wild, fun print hiding on the inside. I took my pleated clutch pattern and a supply I've never played with - a sewn in magnetic snap - and designed this little beauty.

Ultra thin-wale corduroy on the outside, with 3 simple pleats on the front. 

A pop of fun, bright flower on the inside. And you can't catch a peek of the mag snap hiding in the flap. The body of the bag is lined with batting and the flap has two layers of stiff interfacing.

Here's another angle so you can see the pleats better. Black corduroy is shy. You have to trick it to capture its real texture.

When you want to be a little more sassy, just flip the bag out on itself. 

See? There's that black corduroy, all tucked inside.

Bag measures 11 1/4" at its widest and 6" at its tallest. The magnetic snap works in both directions but is stronger when the corduroy is facing out.

It would be nice to have both a spring and winter bag all in one. Or a day to evening bag. Hope you enjoy it!



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