Customer Design Contest Entry #1

Lanyard with Detachable Key Ring

This idea came from a friend of mine, Shauna B., who is a substitute teacher, like me! She mentioned that she had bought a lanyard for her long term subbing job. However, she was frustrated with the fact that when she was wearing the lanyard, she had to lean down into the door to unlock it, which can be downright tricky with your hands full - to that I can now attest. She wanted a lanyard with a detachable keyring, so she could unlock her classroom door and still stay upright in the process.

Here is what I made, per her suggestion. A topstitched lanyard in a fun, bold print, with a detachable key ring that comes apart with one hand.

Here is a view with the keyring detached.

And here is a view of it being worn by my "model". It has a 20" drop from the neck. When I wear it, the keyring comes right to my belly button.

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