Valentine's Day

Handmade Valentines
I'm not the hugest fan of Valentine's Day (except for the chocolate. I mean, come on.) But like everything else, it's been given more meaning with the kiddies. Every year I give them the option of store-bought or handmade valentines for their classmates and this year they chose handmade. Which sounded like such a good idea at the time. Proud mama, who likes to make things, with children who like to make things. What could be more fun? Enter weekend full of strep throat and woe. Well, you get the idea. So at the 11th hour, we started working on two different Valentine projects. In the midst of all our other stuff. 

Here is my girl, working hard on her mad finger spacing skills.

While she did that, I added the googly eyes to her warm fuzzies. She had assembled them earlier in the week. 

Let's talk about gluing teeny tiny googly eyes onto pompoms for a minute.'s hard. The static electricity, the fat fingers, the sticky glue, the fuzzes. Oh toothpick, how I love thee! I dip you in glue, pick up an eye with you, place you on the fuzzy, and gently pull away. Magic!

Aww, so cute. And yes, we did get the idea off of Pinterest. You can see both ideas we used, here on my Valentine board:

And here is my boy, hard at work as well. The tongue out the side of the mouth is staged concentration. He's a bit of a ham.

He made super hero lollipops. Fun!

And what would Valentine's Day be without a little treat waiting for them at the breakfast table this morning? In their own hand-made fabric heart, from me? It's a door hanger, but we have a rather large dog, so kitchen table it is.

Ahh, time to wake my loves! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!



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