My New Favorite Bandaids

Split Fingers and Other Woes...

There is something you should know about living in Western Colorado. Yes, it is wonderful. And it is sunny 300+ days out of the year. But that means it is DRY. Really dry. Whatever alpine, snow-covered vistas you have in your mind when you think about Colorado - replace them with the scrub-brushed, red-rocked visions more associated with Utah or Arizona and you get the picture. And then make it winter. And then understand that I am a germ-a-phobe who washes her hands 1000x a day. You see where this is going right? 

I have the driest skin on the planet. Please don't debate me on this. I will fight you....and I will win. And so I spend most of my winter enduring split fingertips that crack and bleed. Which is kind of a problem when you work with fabric all day long. I have long been swabbing my fingers in Lansinoh (yes, the lanolin for breast feeding mothers - don't knock it til you try it) and wrapping my fingers up with bandaids when I sleep to help ease and heal the discomfort. So, I'm kind of a bandaid pro.

This is my new favorite! I was in Walgreens yesterday, buying bandaids for my son who cut the tip of his thumb with his school scissors - we have hand problems around here, I know, I know! And since I had two splits of my own to deal with, I used them for myself as well. Here is why I recommend them:

1. They are thin. Super thin. Like you hardly realize you're wearing them, thin.
2. They stick really well. Even through this morning's shower and doing of hair, etc. 
3. They actually are as flexible as they say, making sewing and other craftiness possible.

So, there is my recommendation for your next box of bandaids, for what it's worth. You'll love them...if you can get past the fact that they look a little like chicken skin (isn't this the loveliest blog post you've ever read!!) 

also - everywhere you see the word bandaids, read "fabric bandage" so I don't get in trouble with people.


Denise said…
I believe you have dryer skin than me, however, I had the driest hands ever the winter right after Aubree was born. I washed my hands constantly because of things like a potty-training toddler and washing bottles all the time. My knuckles would crack and bleed, and I'd wrap it up in a bandaid with neosporin to sleep. Then they would crack open the next day and we'd start over again. I tried a real beeswax lotion with the bandaid and the next day it was healed, with just a small line showing where the cracks were, and didn't split open again. Sadly, my beeswax lotion company seems to be out of business. I'll have to try the lanosil!

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