My First Day of School

I've taken a long-term subbing job at my kids' school for the next 6 weeks. I'll be covering a first grade class during the classroom teacher's maternity leave. I used to teach full time before having my own kids and starting my own business, so I'm kind of excited about the chance to be back in the classroom. And a little bit terrified, hoping I go a great job! And, since everyone else got pictures of their first day of school, why not me?

Here I am, self-portait girl. Ah, so comfortable, totally enjoying the moment. (In other words, we took about 16 pictures of me this morning and this is the one I could live with you seeing.)

The view from our front room window. Please note that yesterday it was sunny and 50 degrees. Darn you late February snow!! And no, I will not change out of my cute sage green ballet flats and put on my snow boots. Thankful to not have recess duty today!

My school bag! I made it up for myself - something I rarely do - at the beginning of the year. It's going to get some good use these next few weeks. It's huge, holds everything and zips at the top so nothing falls out.

The teacher I'm covering for is such a sweetie. Here is the survival kit/thank you gift she put together for me. It was waiting on my desk this morning. I will rejoice in the chocolate and refuse to be intimidated by the Advil!

My Saturday morning homework. Papers to grade, reading groups to sort through and lessons to prep. Not to mention some sewing projects! Glad to have a nice cup of coffee in my favorite mug to start the day.

Wish me luck!



Anonymous said…
Hope you had a great day today and did not need the Advil.
Anonymous said…
I love your picture and all of your posts. I am sure it was the start of a very good experience. You will no doubt miss those kiddies when it is time for you to leave, and they will miss you, too.
Go, girl. I think you are a great teacher, so I know these six weeks will just fly by.
Thanks for the encouragement!

The first two days were busy busy, but great! It feels good to get back in the classroom. Really looking forward to my time there, and I think you're right, I'll miss it when it's over :). I'll keep you posted!

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