Car Organizer Tutorial Part 2

Part 2:
If you haven't seen part one of the tutorial, scroll down to the very next entry and you'll see what we're working on.

Take the three pocket pieces and flip them over. Remember that extra piece of batting that was sticking out? Well, trim that off, being very careful NOT to cut the front piece of fabric.

Now you have a little extra front fabric, but no batting. Perfect.

Finish off the raw edges by folding the front fabric up about 1/4" to meet the muslin and press. Then fold it up again over the muslin and press. You'll be enclosing the raw edges of the front fabric and the muslin. Do this for the top two pockets pieces. You don't need to do it for the third (bottom) pocket. Its raw edges will be sewn in the seam allowance of the organizer. The picture below is of the second fold and press.

With the muslin side facing up, stitch that fold down. Don't worry about it being straight, you're not going to see it. It's just to keep the folds from unfolding.

Find the center of one of the main 16"X15" pieces of fabric by folding the fabric in half,  shorter sides together, and pressing the fold.

Open it back up and place it on a piece of batting.

Find the center of the longest pocket piece (the 20" X 8" one) by folding it in half widthwise. Then line it up on the center of the main fabric piece, 1" down from the top.

Stitch down the center of the pocket piece, attaching it to the main fabric. I'm pointing to the center stitch in this picture. Don't mind the amateur hour strap of my camera in my hand. Nothing to see here.

OK, to make the bellows pocket, draw up the edge of the pocket piece even with the edge of the main fabric piece, making sure it stays 1" down. The fabric will make a hill - totally normal. Pin the pocket in place along the edge. Do this on both sides.

For each side (one at a time), find the highest point of the pocket...

Pinch in a little on each side...

Push the pinches down to make two pleats. You might need to try this a few times to get the pinches centered and the fabric laying nicely.

Once you have the pleats where you want them, pin them in place, and then stitch across the bottom of the pocket, making sure the pleats stay in the direction you pinned them down.

Once the bellows pocket is in place, the other two are easy. Take the next pocket piece, the larger of the two remaining, and lay it down on the main fabric piece, lining up the edge and slightly overlapping the top pocket. Pin in place. First stitch down the center, then stitch across the bottom. When that is done, add the last pocket piece, lining up both the side and bottom edges. Pin in place. Stitch the center. You don't have to stitch the bottom right now.

Trim away your excess batting.

Lay two straps, one on top of the other, 1" in from the left side, and flush with the top of the organizer. Make sure it's the raw edges that are up there. The finished edges should not be the ones pinned. Repeat with the remaining straps 1" in from the right side.

Gather the straps into the center so they don't get sewn into the seams.

Lay the remaining main fabric piece right side down on the piece you've been working on. Line up all the raw edges. Pin in place.

At the top center, mark off a 6" space. I have a purple pin on the left and a red one on the right. The rest of the piece is pinned all the way around. Sew the organizer together, through all the layers, starting at the red pin and continuing all the way around to the purple pin, using a 1/2" seam. Backtack to begin and end.

Clip off all four corners. Be careful not to cut into the seam allowance.

Reach into the opening you left, and pull the right side of the organizer out, pushing the wrong side in. Once you have it all right side out, carefully push the corners out completely with a pencil or chopstick or  even your scissors. Just don't poke a hole in your corners. 

Iron the raw edges of the opening to the inside, 1/2".

Stitch across the entire top, sewing the opening closed as you do.

You're all done! Lindsay was so excited she picked it up today! She said she was going to send me some before and after shots of her car. I'll share, of course!



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