3rd Annual Customer Design Competition

Be the Designer!

One of my favorite things about my business is sewing up custom orders. In fact, it's gotten to the point where custom orders account for about 80% of what I do! It is so rewarding to have someone ask me to make something just for them in a style that they love. It is even more fun when a customer comes up with a brand new idea for the shop and we work together to get the idea off the ground! Of course any time is a great time for a new idea, but January is the time to make it into a contest.

Here are the rules for The 3rd Annual Customer Design Competition and Giveaway!

1. Submit an idea for a new DLD product in the comments below. It must be a small to medium sized item (no laptop messenger bags or carry-on luggage ideas, please). Don't forget to leave your name so that I know who to give credit to if you win. If there isn't a name or way to get in touch with you, the idea will be discarded.

2. All ideas must be submitted by Saturday, January 19th.

Once all the ideas are submitted, I'll give you more details as to what happens next. Spoiler alert: one designer and one customer will win the new item of their choice. :)

Let's hear your good ideas!



Carrie said…
wow this couldn't come at a better time because I was just thinking of a great idea for a bag! I have been dreaming up a medium ish size "backpack" type bag. It would be very simple: really not a backpack at all, maybe more like a "hobo" bag where it has drawstrings on each side that can cinch up the top circle opening but that you use to put over your shoulders and it connects to the bottom of bag. Simple inside with just a couple pockets for cell phone or keys etc. This style would useful for so many women and even a smaller version for kids. For me it would be the perfect mother's "toddler diaper bag" because at this point I don't need my huge heavy diaper bag but would rather have a light bag to carry a couple diapers, wipes, wallet, snack, book, etc. and one that I wear on my back since my umbrella stroller doesn't hold my bag. -Carrie Doolan
Great idea Carrie, thank you! I am envisioning something similar to the sports bags that teenage boys seem to carry around, but with cute fabric and some pockets inside. Am I on track?
Jen lleras said…
I would like to submit my idea for your design contest.

My idea is for a reversible clutch. It would have to have an internal magnetic snap to allow for it to be seamlessly reversible. Ideally it would be a neutral color as one option (black, off white, cream, tan) and then a loud fun color, im thinking hot pink. there could or could not be pockets inside which would mean as one option it would have an outside pocket. I would prefer it not have any pockets. The label would be small and would run on the side seam of one of the side.I am thinking that it wouldn't have embellishments because it would make reversing it more difficult but I do think pattern or trim could be used to make it more interesting. I would like to see the closure or flap to the clutch be hard or stiff and the body be softer and have some give to help keep it durable if you are reversing it often. That's my idea, I hope you like it!
I DO like that idea, thank you! I will have to look into magnetic closures that are sewn in rather than poke through with prongs, but they should be able to find. That will be a fun project!
Unknown said…
Hi there!

Here's my idea for your contest:

I'd like to see a jewelry roll that could accommodate all my chunky bracelets and statement necklaces for travel. Most jewelry rolls only seem to fit small delicate jewelry! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's an example of what I'm thinking of: http://www.marykay.com/en-US/Makeup/Tools/Travel-Bag/Mary-Kay-Travel-Roll-Up-Bag/170304.partId?eCatId=10652

However, instead of all the sections being the same size, some of them could be divided into smaller compartments for smaller sized items. I also envision this piece having a nice closure. (I hate those stupid strings on my old jewelry roll!) I'm thinking a nice magnetic snap or a button, and of course it would be covered in a cute fabric!

Thanks so much for your consideration!
Thank you for your idea! Having something for those statement pieces is brilliant! I'll see what I can come up with that includes multiple sized compartments.

Thanks again!
Anonymous said…
Hi! Here is my idea:

I recently spent a lot of time looking for a pretty lanyard to wear my name badge for work. I would love to be able to pick my own fabric and there are a lot of teachers out there that have to wear a lanyard all the time:) I would love to have a lanyard with a break away key chain on it...so that I can release and use my keys from the lanyard without taking it off around my neck! I can't think of a more talented person to put it together! Shauna
Aww, thanks Shauna!

Love the idea! I know I would totally use that while covering a long term maternity leave later this year. If you could pick a color what would it be? something purple, I'm guessing? ;)
Unknown said…
My idea is for a thin phone case, like a pocket the phone would slip into with a strap to snap it closed on the top. Then the back of that would fold open to reveal slots to hold cards, ID, etc. Also with a thin strap like on a wristlet to hold it.

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