One Last Christmas Giveaway...

A Treat For Your Tree...

For fun, and cause I like you so much, I want to do one more giveaway before Christmas. It is for one of these adorable fiberfill stuffed candy canes. Made with rustic striped homespun and tied up with some flannel, the cane measures 9" tall and 4" wide at the curve. It would be perfect hooked on your tree, standing up on a shelf, or tied to a special Christmas package. Don'tcha just want one!?
Well, one lucky person will win one, by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog post, telling me about your favorite Christmas ornament or family tradition. (You also need to like Daisy Lane Design on Facebook if you haven't already.) A winner will be selected at random this weekend.

To be fair, I'll go first. I'm slightly obsessed with Christmas ornaments. I love them. And I have to limit my purchases to one a year or it'll get out of control. (So I cheat a little, and I make them. Shhh.)
Here is my favorite Christmas ornament from my childhood. When I was engaged to be married, my  mom wrapped this little guy up and gave it to me, as my first ornament for our new family tree. 12 years and he's still there every Christmas!
This is my son's favorite ornament. Who doesn't love a little Han Solo peeking out of the branches at you? Ok, ok, so this was mine first, and he has adopted it! 
This is my daughter's favorite. Every year we buy them a letter ornament (mental checklist, I still need to find this year's one). So last night, she had all her S's lined up, trying to select her favorite one. Good choice, I think!
Sorry, me again. Yes, this is a pork roll and cheese ornament on a hard roll. And yes, you will only understand this if you're from New Jersey. But really? How many people do you know who have this ornament on their tree? It was worth an honorable mention!
Lastly, this is my new favorite tradition. I wish I had seen this/thought about this earlier. Saw it in a magazine to take the part they trim off your tree each year and turn it into an ornament. This was last year's cutting. Note to self: sand the little bugger before you try to write on it. Love it! 

 Now it's your turn! What is your favorite ornament/Christmas tradition? Perhaps a 9" stuffed candy cane will top your list this year! :)" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway


Anonymous said…
Christmas eve snack and gift exchange! fun relaxed night with the family
Melanie said…
We also have the stump of one of our Christmas trees! The reason we saved it? My husband hung my engagement ring from it to purpose to me!!!! Love it
Denise said…
My favorite ornament broke 2 years ago and I literally cried:( It was an Anastasia figurine and it played music from the movie. I have not been able to find a replacement.

On a happy note, I also really like the flamingo one wrapped in Christmas lights!
Anonymous said…
Love getting together and making Christmas goodies to pass out to neighbors and friends. We always got one ornament a year to put on our tree. Now i love decorating and relieving all the memories associated with each ornament every year!!

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