Pajama Pants Class

Class Practice...
I am teaching how to make a pair of children's pajama pants next week at Western Colorado Community College. Here is their Fall Class Schedule if you'd like to check out what they offer and if you'd like to register for class:
I found a great tutorial on making these pants that didn't include any pattern pieces. That was a major selling point for me. When I am excited about a new project, I barely have enough patience to cut out the fabric, let alone cut out pattern pieces, trace them and cut out again!
Here is the link to the tutorial, which I found on Pinterest, naturally:
So, as the tutorial said, I grabbed a pair of my daughter's pajamas - ones that already fit her well and that she loves....

And I grabbed some flannel fabric that I had in my stash, cuz flannel is warm and cozy (and our usual sunny Western Colorado part of the world has fully embraced fall and it's been raining for the past three days!) I'm guessing that you could use regular quilter's cotton too. I'll have to try that and report back.'s our flannel...

I followed the tutorial which will work for kids' pants up to size 8, and the pants sewed up quickly! I was a little concerned that the waist was going to be a bit small. In her directions, she said to give yourself 2" at the top for the waistband. I assumed it meant length-wise, but in looking closer at her pictures, I'm pretty sure that 2" in width would not hurt either. Of course, when you're 5 and you don't have a waist, these things are not important. The pants fit! (When I make another pair, I will add the 2" to the width....give the waistband more scrunch.)
My daughter took the pants and ran away in them...unfinished seams and no hem on the pant legs. She didn't want to take them off. This is a good sign.

The sun finally came out, and she was off to change and ride her bike through the puddles, so I was able to finish off my seams and hem the pants. (And also take this artistic, dappled leaves picture of them hanging off a branch of the aspen in the backyard. Haha) 

One last look at them. Ain't they purdy? I've already been asked to make her lots more. And here's the exciting part - in case you don't have yards of flannel laying around - Joann's fabric always has their flannel on sale the day after Thanksgiving for 1.99 a yard. Shop online so you don't have to wait in that crazy cut table line, add a little non-roll elastic to your cart at check-out and you have the cheapest Christmas presents ever! Shhhhh....don't tell anyone! Now, to figure out ones for me!


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