High-Waisted Half Apron

Let's whip up something together...

This is a fun project that doesn't take a lot of fabric or time. The end product is useful, flattering and great as a gift to your favorite cook or even yourself!

Supplies you will need:
3/4 yard of main fabric and 1/2 yard of trim fabric, coordinating thread,
rotary cutter, self-healing mat and straight edge,
iron and ironing board, disappearing ink fabric pen, sewing gauge and ruler, and pins.

***NOTE*** I would recommend reading through the entire pattern before beginning. There are a few sections that are hard to describe, even in pictures.
Feel free to ask questions in the comment section!

Step 1: Wash and dry your fabrics. This is an item that will be washed many times. Taking the time do to this extra step will be worth it!

Step 2: Trim the selvage edges off of both pieces.

Step 3: Using the rotary cutter, mat and straight edge, trim off the frayed bottom edge of the main piece of fabric. Be mindful of the pattern on your fabric!

Step 4: Turn one short side of the main fabric under 1/4" using the gauge. Press well. Turn the same side under 1/4" once again and press.

Top stitch in place and then repeat all of step 4 for the other short side of the main panel.

Step 5: Working from what will be the bottom of the apron, turn one long side of the main fabric under 1/4" and press.

Turn the fold under again, 3" this time and press.

Stitch the hem down at the top of the 1/4" fold.

Step 6: Trim the top long edge of the apron skirt to desired length.

 I made mine 19".

Step 7: Make three pleats. Find the center of your main piece of fabric by matching short edges together and marking the middle. Finger press (or iron) the mark.

 Then open it and mark the press with your disappearing ink fabric pen.

Lay the main panel face up and fold in from the left side, taking the hemmed short edge to your middle mark (seen on the far right side of the picture)  Finger press the fold, then open and mark at the fold. Repeat for the right side. You should have three evenly spaced marks across the top of your main panel piece.

Starting at your left fold mark, place a ruler at 2 1/2" on the mark. Make another mark at the 0" mark on the rular and one at the 5" mark. Repeat this step for the other two fold marks.

Now you will have three groups of three marks (the pins above show one group of three). Again, starting at the left side, fold the main panel wrong sides together at the first pin.

While pinched together, lay the right side of the fold onto the next mark on the group and pin.

Repeat these two steps  for the right side of this group of three. You have pinned your first pleat.

Fold and pin pleats for other two clusters of three marks. You should have three pinned pleats.

Machine baste the pleats in place, making sure that the folds on the wrong side of the fabric lay flat as they pass through the machine.

Step 8: Making the waistband. ***Before starting this part, just scroll down a few pictures to see the three strips. It'll help give you a better visual.***
Trim the cut edges of the waist band (selvages were cut off in step 2).
Then fold the band in half along the long edge and cut on the fold. You will have two long 9"(ish) strips.

Take one strip and set aside. With the other strip, match the short sides together and cut the strip in half on the fold.

You will have three strips. One long and two shorter strips. You are going to sew them together,  along the short sides to make one very long strip - make sure the longer of these three strips is sewn between the two shorter strips. That way you will not have any seams right across the front of your waistband. Use a 1/2" seam and press the seams open.

Fold the one now very long strip in half along the long edge, press with your hand and pin the raw edges together.

With your disappearing ink pen, draw a curve on each end of the strip, from about 9" in on the open edge and curving down to the folded corner.

Then fold the strip in half, short sides together and finger press the center of the strip. Open the fold and mark with your pen or a pin.

Lay the main apron piece down on a flat surface and line up the waistband strip so that the mark you just made on the waistband and the middle pleat line up. Make a mark, or place a pin on the waistband on either side of the apron skirt, making sure your mark is at least 1" beyond the edge of where the main apron panel falls. You can see my righthand mark all the way to the right of the picture. It is the yellow pin that is sticking up and it's beyond the edge of the apron skirt. (When you sew the waistband together, you are going to leave an opening wide enough to fit the entire main apron piece)

Sew the waistband together, only from the side pin marks you made and out towards the corners following the curved lines that you drew. Do not sew the waistband in the middle, between your two marks. Cut away the excess and clip into the curves, being sure not to cut into your seam.

Turn the waistband right side out. Push out the corners and press.

As you press the waistband, be sure to turn the raw edges of the waistband under to the wrong side as you go.

Step 9: Attaching the waistband. Match the center mark of the waistband with the center pleat of the apron skirt and slide the skirt into the open waist band about 1/2" and pin. Insert the rest of the waistband in the same manner, making sure the skirt part is an even 1/2" in all the way across.

Top-stitch all the way around the waistband, making sure you're catching the top of the apron skirt as you go.

Congratulations! You're done! Now go whip up a batch of delicious cookies. Here is one that I think I'm going to try: http://pinterest-project.blogspot.com/2012/08/chocolatechipcookies.html


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