So, I am officially working again. In a limited capacity, on a very part-time basis. However, it's an honest to goodness, work outside of the house, have a boss job. And it's as a sewing class instructor in a local yarn and fabric store. So I'm giddy. The shop is called Tangle. Here is their link: http://store.tangleonline.com/

Day one: Meet the staff, learn the ropes, and rifle through Amy Butler patterns. Wow, that sounds terrible. I got sent home with a dress to figure out, and two of Ms. Butler's patterns to look over.

Day two: Head back to the shop and pull fabrics to make samples of all the things I'm going to teach. Oh, and ps, the final decision about what we make is up to me, and also, because the samples belong to the store, I don't have to pay for the fabric....whhaaaaaaat? Have I mentioned I love this "job"?

I've been home with my Joel Dewberry and Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler goodness for a week, working on samples. Here are the first three things I've completed:

Fabulous wonderful pillowcase with french seams. So fun to make!

Sweet sundress for my daughter so that I can teach shirring.
Learned how to shir following this tutorial here:

Back view of the dress. She loved it and had to wear it out THAT DAY!

Women's dress that actually fit when I was done making it.

I am not a garment maker. I'm a bag girl. I was so excited when this worked out! I wanted to get the more foreign things out of the way. Now I just have two bags to make before I feel we have enough things to start scheduling some classes!


Denise said…
What a great job! You're the perfect person for it! Caura and I love Sarah's dress. She pointed to it and said, "whoa, that is a very beautiful dress."
Thank you Denise! I was going to use it as a sample for the store, but she loved it! So i'm going to make up a new one and post a tutorial for it on the store's blog. I can't wait to get to the teaching part :)

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