Tea Time

I love love love finding things at a yard sale and giving them new life. Here is a project I just finished for my daughter. I hope she has a lot of fun entertaining her dolls at tea time around this table.

Here is what we started with. Table and chair set, $5.00 at a yard sale. The chairs were sturdy, but the caning was tattered and one of them had a huge nail polish stain on it. The table legs were wobbly but easily tightened with a screwdriver. What to do with the top though? It took a year of sitting with it to come up with a plan. I know, I'm slow!
I got the fabulous idea to re-seat the chairs from pinterest, of course. Martha Stewart, specifically. That got me started. Here is the original tutorial from Martha's website, if you'd like to check it out: http://www.marthastewart.com/273326/webbed-seat?czone=home/diy-decorating/furniture-fixtures&center=277001&gallery=275620&slide=273326
First we cut off all the icky, scratchy caning. The pieces came off looking like candy canes. And so, like any good craft hoarder, I saved them for a Christmas project. Hahaha. Then my daughter and I sanded and cleaned the frames that were left. Then we painted them white. When they were dry, I followed Martha's tutorial to create a new webbing basketweave seat. Total cost of webbing and nail supplies was less than $10.00
Here is the seat bottom with straps going in one direction. No, I didn't measure and space perfectly. Don't judge.
Then it was on to the tabletop. I had this piece of fabric which had also been laying around, waiting for its project mate. Seemed a perfect pairing. It was already pre-pieced, so it had the shabby look I was going for. I put the table on top of the fabric, measured a 2" seam allowance and cut out a big circle. Then I made a thin casing for some 1/4" elastic.
Here is the webbing all finished up on the chair.
And here is the finished product. I also made a little tie-on cushion for the chair in the same fabric as the table top. My favorite part, is that it can all be removed if it needs to be washed. We won't be yard sale-ing this set for awhile!


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