March 1
This is how the day began....with the biggest snow we've had all season. I woke up, smiled at the promise-of-spring change in the calendar, forgave that February dared to linger one day longer than usual, looked out the window and......
Harumph. Really? Really! To top it all, I couldn't find my snow boots anywhere. (Put snowboots on the list). Thankfully, I knew where the kids' boots were stashed, so we were packed and loaded and out the door at a responsible hour. Careful drive to school on slushy roads. Please ignore the fact that the 5 year old tells me, about halfway there, that she forgot to plug her seatbelt in! Today of all days!!!!
After dropping the monkeys off, I decided to thumb my nose at winter come lately and make some things for spring. First was this patchwork bag with coordinating removeable flower.
The front side.
The back side.
The flower.
In the afternoon, I decided to try out a skirt pattern for the non-seatbelt wearer. I found this originally at and thought it looked totally cute and easy and cheap! I had gone to the thrift store the day before and bought these two tees:
Both women's medium. $1.00 each
I followed bloomsnbugs tutorial step by step:
The first cuts on the shirts.
The opening for the elastic. About 50 cents worth of elastic.
Viola, finished skirt with knotted flower embellishment!
A happy girl - she had to throw it right on.
Wore it all afternoon and wanted to wear it to bed. Think we have a winner on our hands. $2.50 skirt. Glad I bought two shades of purple t-shirts to make another! Wahoo! Take that winter storm in the middle of my spring hopefulness.


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