Confessions From a Closet Hoarder

I am slightly obsessed with Pinterest. Who isn't, really? I told myself that I would only go on there once a week, for a few minutes. No one has that kind of resolve! And so I have boards and boards of stuff, just like everyone else. Saved out there in virtual land, virtually organized, for when I will hypothetically need it. And then I realized that my virtual pinboards are just like my real life pinboards (and file boxes, and file folders, and three-ring binders, and recipe boxes, and closets, and three car garage and shed, and.....). I am a hoarder. Not a "find 16 flattened cats in my living room" kind of hoarder. But a shove it all in the closet and go through it later kind of hoarder. Things look organized in my house. Orderly. Just don't open the closet! Or my bedroom door.

So I've had a heart to heart with myself and decided this: either use what you have or for goodness' sake, get rid of it! To that end, I grabbed another pin off my pinboard and made this last night:

Crockpot Chicken-n-dumplings. I found it on Pinterest, but here is the link, directly to the recipe: Now. First of all, don't tell my mother-in-law. My husband's family is from Georgia. I am a yankee. I'm sure I'm breaking some sort of law for doing this in the crockpot! Secondly, don't tell them that my husband LOVED it!!! So did the kids, and me too. Apologies to my brother-in-law. I meant to save you some, but your nephew had three servings. Anyway, this was well worth pulling it off the pinboard and making.

I am so embarrassed for you to see the next picture but in the interest of holding myself accountable:

This is one of my fabric closets. Yes, one. There are others. Yes, others. Sigh. I have a problem. I should never have to go to the fabric store again. And yet, I have a list in the other room of things to get on my next trip out. This is the before picture. Right after taking it, I took everything out of that closet and started working on it. There are more organized piles to be sure, but also a giveaway pile and (gasp) a throwaway pile. I'll post an after picture soon.

And then....this is why I LOVE having collections of things I might make one day! Because the little skirt I made my daughter last week out of old T-shirts (scroll down for that) was a huge hit and so I went ahead and made another! Love it!

And I am going to see how the pattern holds up with this seersucker fabric next. PS, I've had this fabric for YEARS. It's been in a closet, flattened under a million other yards of fabric, waiting for the perfect project. See? It's one step forward, two steps back sometimes. :)


HOORAY!! This all looks ab-fab. Nice work friendy! And, from a fellow-hoarder. . . about those giveaway/throw-away piles. . . Ummmmmmm. . . can I maybe go through them? =]

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