Back to the Sewing Machine
We were on a month-long vacation, visiting family, getting a little beach time, eating all our favorite foods. It was nice and relaxing, mixed with a little bit of terrible, because my kids got really sick there at the end. But all of that is behind us now, and we're home safe, sound and healthy.
There is nothing quite like coming home after being away for so long. The house actually looks a little different somehow. Like I forgot the exact color palette and it wound up a little lighter in my mind than it actually is. I don't know, that's how I can explain it. But it is restful, and easy, and wonderful to sleep in my own bed. And it's almost like Christmas, in that the kids haven't seen their own toys in so long that they actually like playing with them again! (Note to self: try rotating toys. You keep saying you're going to try it. Now really do it!)
And then today, I finally had a chance to sit down to some quality time with the sewing machine. Ah, old friend, I have missed you! Instead of starting a large impossible-to-finish-in-one-sitting project, I rummaged through my "in progress" basket and found infant bibs that I had cut before I left. Perfect! Just a few hours later, and I have a fresh batch of bibs, ready to take to market this weekend. Here are the pics
Five, fresh from the machine infant bibs. Slighty shorter, and wider than my normal bibs. These have a smaller head opening and are made of two coordinating flannels, softer for younger babes. There is still an absorbant batting in between and a snap closure so it's not going anywhere.
Jungle animals with green plaid
Football and stripes
Polka flower garden
A little birdie told me
Pretty in pinks


Angela Jackson said…
The bibs look nice and I like the designs but it would have been reat if it was waterproof.

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