Maggie Bag
A medium-sized hobo bag with a zippered inside pocket.
Maggie bags are 19" across at their widest, and about 14" tall.
The short, wide strap tucks the bag right under your arm,
and the magnetic snap closure keeps everything inside.

Maggie bag in tan cord with circles, $40.00


Maggie bag in dark brown and orange chenille, $40.00

Maggie bag in purple zebra print, $37.00

Martha Bag
The largest hobo bag, for when you have to carry everything.
Martha bags are 19" wide at their widest, 14" tall and have a 5" deep gusset.
Martha has an zippered interior pocket, outside cell pocket at the base of the strap,
and a long strap to carry across your chest.
Bag closes with a magnetic snap.

Martha bag in green and pink paisley, $43.00

Maria Bag
For carrying a few of your favorite things!
Hobo style bag in fun cotton prints, with an open inside pocket and magnetic snap closure.
The Maria Bag is 12" wide at the widest point, and tapers to about 9" on the top.
It is 8" high and 2" deep.

Maria Bag in orange paisley, $32.00

The Pamela Bag
The outside of the Pamela Bag is made of a thicker, canvas print with a solid topper.
The inside is a complimentary cotton print.
There is a small pleat in the center where the two fabrics meet.
Pamela bags do not have inside pockets.
They are 14" wide at the widest point, tapering to 9" at the top.
Pamela Bags are 12" high.

Pamela bag in plum plaid, $32.00

Pamela Bag in red plaid, $32.00

Pamela Bag in brown floral, $37.00

The Shannon Bag
The Shannon Bag measures 10" wide, 9" tall and 4" deep.
The straps are 14" from your shoulder to the bag (unless noted)
All Shannon Bags have open interior pockets.

Shannon bag with wooden handles, $37.00

Shannon Bag in pink swirl, $37.00

Shannon Bag in gray suiting and stone, $32.00

Shannon Bag in gray suiting and yellow polka, $37.00

Shannon Bag in brown suiting with leaves, $32.00

The Holly Bag
The Holly Bag measures 11" wide, 14" tall, and 4" wide.
Its shoulder strap is about 14" from shoulder to the top of the bag.
All Holly Bags have an interior zippered pocket.
Some have open outside pockets.

Holly Bag in black cord and gray plaid, $37.00

Holly Bag in herringbone (big sunflower pattern on the inside), $32.00

Holly Bag in brown floral cord, with outside pocket, $34.00

Holly Mini Bag
A smaller version of the Holly Bag with an open pocket inside.
The Holly Mini measures 9" wide, 11" tall, 4" deep.
The strap measures about 14" from shoulder to the top of the bag.

Holly Mini in pink and green, $32.00

Holly Mini in red cord $27.00

Holly Mini in blue cord with leaves, $32.00

Holly Mini in blue cord and circles, $27.00

Holly Mini in blue with stripes, $27.00

Holly Mini in linen with leaves, $27.00

Holly Mini in red cord with toile and outside pocket, $30.00


Holly mini in plaid, $27.00

Abby Bag
Abby is Pamela's big sister.
She has the same rounded bottom and pleat in the center,
but uses the inside fabric at the top as well and has longer,
double straps and an zippered interior pocket.

Abby Bag in gunmetal gray, $32.00

Lisa Bag
For when you only have the essentials with you.
It has a zip-top pouch to keep the important stuff safe,
and a small snap-top pocket on the outside for what you have to grab quickly.
Lisa bag, $20.00

Hannah Bag
The Hannah Bag is 14" wide, 11" tall and 5" deep.
It has a zippered pocket inside.

Hannah bag in red and toile, $40.00

Sarah Bag

Great tote with lots of extra pockets. Made with an extra durable fabric on the outside and cotton print on the inside. The piping is made of the same cotton print. This bag has a snap-top outside pocket, a zippered inside pocket and an open inside pocket on the side, perfect for a water bottle, a sippy cup or even sunglasses.

Sarah bag in deep green, $35.00

Breezy Bag

A market bag that is a cut above. With sassy prints, short, grab-and-go handles, and a full muslin lining, these bags are perfect for all your errands.
Completely machine washable and dryable too!

Breezy bag in black and yellow polka, $16.00 (SOLD)

Breezy bag in yellow, $16.00 (SOLD)


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