Bitty Bags

Bitty Bags and Clips
As I'm writing this, I don't for the life of me know why everything is being printed in underline. There isn't an underline option in the font choices. You can bold things and italicize things, but no where is there an underline option - and yet there it is. Curiously, when I started typing, the words were all in blue also, which I changed. However, it seems we are stuck with underlined words at this point, so....sorry.
Here are some things that a friend of mine and I have been working on together. I have made some bitty bags in the past, perfect little arm candy for the preschooler in your life. My daughter thinks they should all be hers.
I think there must be someone else out there to love them!

Ladybug set (the underlines are gone!) The hair clips are done on green grosgrain-wrapped alligator clips. So cute! $30.00/set

Blue and brown butterfly set, $30.00/set.

Green and orange butterfly set, $30.00/set (sold)

Polka dotty bittys. Headbands coming, not made yet.
Each set is one bag, one heandband - $30.00/set.

Denim and daisy set - headband to follow
We have big plans for lots more!
Picture us in my kitchen, sewing machine and ironing board at the ready, containers of beads and spools of ribbon all around, while our two littest ones run around playing to their hearts' content. Not a bad way to spend Friday mornings!


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