Holly bag

Holly bag with ribbon and buttons

Holly bag interior

Holly bag with ribbon bow

One of the first Holly bags

Let's start at the very beginning.

It was an accident really. I made a bag for a friend as a gift. And it's been the gift that keeps on giving apparently, cause here we are. Sadly, I do not have a picture of the very first Holly bag, named so for the giftee, (hint, hint there ma'am....take a pic and send it my way!), but here is a good representation of what I've done since then.

Each Holly bag is 14" high, 12"wide, and 4" deep at the bottom.
They are all fully lined with a fun complementary print on the inside.
Each one is fully interfaced too, and each has a plastic mesh bottom sewn in for durability.
The Holly bag comes with a zippered interior pocket and a magnetic snap closure.

Holly Bag: $30.00

Holly bag with exterior embellishment: $32.00-35.00


Judy Mills said…
Wow Alison, I'm Michele's mom and I'm very impressed. I really want to get one of your bags but need to wait and see Michele's to make up my mind. Right now I'm liking the Sarah bag and the Holly Mini. Will see what I decide and then I'll get right to you.

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