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Start With a Foundation

It's the last day of January as I write this. 
Somewhere back in the week between Christmas and New Year's, I came across an invitation on Facebook from one of the pages that I follow called The Business Bakery. (This link is actually to her website). Julia was starting up a round of her 100 Day Goals and on a whim I decided to join. Not a whim, really. More like the act of a desperate woman. I wanted to make 2018 the year that all the things happened. I thought that having 100 days to work on it would be a great way to start and be a big first step. 
Step 1 of the 100 Day Goal? Pick 1 goal. It can be big and it can be scary, it can be for business or it can be personal, but when you boil down all the parts, it's just 1 goal. Not 100 Goals. 100 days toward 1 goal. And I immediately started to panic. Because I wanted to be more organized AND make healthier choices AND exercise more AND work on my business AND figure out my parenting life AND be a better (insert all the wor…

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