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My Year of Less: September

A Decision About Less Waste.

Let me tell you what creates a gigantic amount of waste: moving.

From all the paper wrapping around our fragile items, to all the hard shell plastic encasement on our replacement items, moving gave me a bit of a sick stomach. There was no way to stay on top of all the things that should have been recycled, and there were so many trips to Target before I could unpack our reusable grocery bags, that I'm sure I could sell a case of plastic bags back to the store!

Now that we are settled, I feel very strongly that our family needs to work on off-setting our Sassquatch-sized carbon footprint. And so I'll be looking for ways to eliminate waste. It's an overwhelming task. Our modern lives make it so you really have to purpose to be less wasteful. Everything is about convenience and single use. Colorado seems to be more green than other places we have lived, but I still need to make an effort to that end inside our own home. Thankfully, I have located …

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