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Review and Renew

The Christmas Budget
How we did and how we're doing.

We Christmas'd.
And lazed around.
And second Christmas'd.
And New Year'd.

And went back to school/work for two days and then blizzarded for 2 days which led to a 4 day weekend. Now we're all a little bit sick of each other and are in desperate need of a shower and a routine - you?

You remember way back what seems a year ago (the beginning of December) when I laid out our Christmas budget plan, yes? I thought it would be a good idea - for myself and transparency - to share how we actually did and our plans going forward for next year.

The Review
The beginning budget:

This was to be for all gifts, decorations, food, the works.

Actual spent:

The budget busters? My husband bought me a new winter coat, a t-shirt he heard me say I wanted and...I caved and did stockings for the kids.

The downside - clearly we didn't hit our target budget.
The upside - we were able to pay for all of it in cash and have…

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