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Staying Within Your Christmas Budget

Paying for Christmas (Part 2: Staying within the budget you have)

Hi there! Last week, I told you all about our Christmas sinking fund envelope and our goals for our budget for this year's Christmas. If you missed that, you can read about it here.
This week I'm going to share how I did and chat about staying within the budget you have. We set a target budget of $1000 for everything for Christmas. If your budget is bigger or smaller than that, that's completely up to you - the point is you either reach your target budget or you don't, and then you need to make some decisions. 
When we were ready to start making purchases for Christmas, we had $520 in our Christmas envelope. How did that happen? Well...some weeks I didn't put in. Some weeks, I used the cash in there for other things, like food. Am I disappointed that I didn't reach my goal? Yes. Does that change the fact that unless I want to go into debt over Christmas, $520 is what we have to work with this yea…

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